“Alexa, Be Better”

My last post was a list of the best Christmas gifts for guys, all on Amazon, and all under $100. (Except the UE bluetooth speaker which is $125, but super worth it). Many people asked, “Jon, dude, bro, you made a list of the best stuff on Amazon, why didn’t you include an Amazon Echo?”… Continue reading “Alexa, Be Better”

Dude Gifts He Actually Will Want/ Use, Under $100

We are thankful for the love and blessings in our life all year, but this time of year we show it with family time, Christmas movies, egg nog, gingerbread, Pop Christmas Radio, Christmas parties, and gift giving. You probably have 2 things in your life right now. 1. A guy who you want to surprise… Continue reading Dude Gifts He Actually Will Want/ Use, Under $100

Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

*In the barber shop, “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar is playing and my barber, Jackson, is rapping every word.* Me- “Ha, ok Jackson! You went all the way in on that one. How long did it take to learn every word?” Jackson- “Well Kendrick is one of those guys I really listen to, ya know. I… Continue reading Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)

“Young nigga won trappin’ a Grammy, I want a Grammy”                                                                    -Quavo of Migos (2014) I never thought it would happen. When Migos… Continue reading Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)

How To Make $550,000 In 30 Seconds

Your new brilliant idea finally matured from shower thought to actual product. Whatever you created, whether it’s an all natural body lotion, an herbal blend of weight loss tea, a sports drink, or some trendy yoga pants, you fully believe in your product, and you’re ready to tell the world how great it is so… Continue reading How To Make $550,000 In 30 Seconds

PYA (Professional YouTube Association)

YouTube is a professional league of players. It’s like the NBA; a league of players who dedicate intense time and effort toward honing their skills so that come “gametime” (or time to hit the record button if you’re a YouTuber) you’re ready to entertain the world. Except instead of athletes, the players are vloggers, pranksters,… Continue reading PYA (Professional YouTube Association)

Lonzo Ball, The Michael Jordan Of…Marketing?

This is hard to admit. And the logic behind it might be a tough pill to swallow. But, I think it’s the truth. And after I quickly explain it, I think you’ll agree. Lonzo Ball is the next Michael Jordan. Don’t click away just yet! Just let me tell you why. Michael Jordan was a… Continue reading Lonzo Ball, The Michael Jordan Of…Marketing?