Lonzo Ball, The Michael Jordan Of…Marketing?

This is hard to admit. And the logic behind it might be a tough pill to swallow. But, I think it’s the truth. And after I quickly explain it, I think you’ll agree. Lonzo Ball is the next Michael Jordan. Don’t click away just yet! Just let me tell you why. Michael Jordan was a… Continue reading Lonzo Ball, The Michael Jordan Of…Marketing?

FBI Director Job Application

Dear President Trump and White House directors to whom this may concern, As of this week, there has been a widely covered occurrence regarding the removal  of James Comey as FBI Director. Due to the absence of the highly honorable position, I’d like to submit myself for consideration to fill the vacancy. I have the… Continue reading FBI Director Job Application

President Of The Ratings Party

Donald Trump is a hardcore conservative! No, definitely not and that can easily be proven with some quick research. Therefore, Trump is a committed liberal! Again, not true. Let’s quickly examine this a little closer. In a world full of different titles and labels, of which we have way too many, where does someone like… Continue reading President Of The Ratings Party

Entertainment Industry: Behind The Curtains. What’s Your Brand?

“You’ve got pizzazz, kid.” The phrase every up and coming music artist wants to hear from a top music executive that’s about to offer them a million dollar contract and make their dream come true. All it takes is passion, hard work, and talent! (You wish) Nope, actually the game is totally different. People who… Continue reading Entertainment Industry: Behind The Curtains. What’s Your Brand?

Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

What you believe, that’s your opinion. Express your opinion, bro! To me, maybe to you, this is unsurprising news, but very important news. Kanye West, the least politically correct person you’ll find, more so than Donald Trump, has said what I always believed true, he supports our next president, and if he had voted, Trump… Continue reading Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

We Are The Same, Hypocritical Country

Jon Stewart has kept a low profile, but he’s back with an interesting take that we all need to hear. Jon Stewart, the liberal douchebag, right? Some of you may look at him that way. However even the most conservative reader will watch the clip above and admit that the guy makes some great points.  A… Continue reading We Are The Same, Hypocritical Country

Decision 2016. Laugh About It

GQ’s Top Election 2016 Tweets  If you are thrilled with the way the election was decided, take a second to bask in your glory with some undeniably funny tweets about all the wild shit that went down throughout the process. If you can’t comprehend how America could make such a stupid, heartless decision and need… Continue reading Decision 2016. Laugh About It