Know Yourself

Who am I? We have thousands of components, both internally and externally, mentally and physically, spiritually and fundamentally, that make up who we are. We are all different, so this cannot be broken down into an exact science. However the HEXACO TEST is one of the very best scientific approaches to determining our personalities and behavior.… Continue reading Know Yourself

Work With The Universe by Applying Self Help Tips

Congratulations, you just finished a book you found in the self help section of a bookstore or a highly rated “positive mindset” book from Amazon. You probably learned tips on the power of positive thinking, being likable, social skills, setting and reaching goals, and living a better, more successful life. Cool. Now what? I’ve read… Continue reading Work With The Universe by Applying Self Help Tips

Worth The Risk Of Death

Smoking kills. Dot eat that you’ll die. Don’t climb Everest you could fall. Why would I go on a safari, a lion could eat me. I would never skydive, it’s too dangerous. I am sure you have heard and said many versions of the previous phrases. We are not natural risk takers. Some, more than… Continue reading Worth The Risk Of Death