Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

*In the barber shop, “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar is playing and my barber, Jackson, is rapping every word.* Me- “Ha, ok Jackson! You went all the way in on that one. How long did it take to learn every word?” Jackson- “Well Kendrick is one of those guys I really listen to, ya know. I… Continue reading Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

Too Much Life. Time For Drake To Go To Sleep 😴

I feel like I’m the only only still listening to More Life. Sure, we agree it was a good album, but by Drake’s standards, it clearly wasn’t his best. My biggest gripe was the fact that every song could’ve fit on a previous album. When you think of your favorite artist releasing new music, you… Continue reading Too Much Life. Time For Drake To Go To Sleep 😴

Kid With Depression

Let’s explore a part of the entertainment industry that often goes overlooked and undervalued; REAL LIFE SHIT. One of the realist, most down to earth members of today’s pop culture community is everybody’s favorite, Drake. He’s been on top of the world for years and shows no signs of stopping. Usually he deals with realities… Continue reading Kid With Depression