“Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

Lavar Ball is winning. It’s remarkable to understand exactly how. And once you understand, you’ll notice how he rose to stardom for himself and his sons the same way Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Kylie Jenner, and plenty of other branding geniuses have done before. It may sound weird to relate a president, a provocative journalist,… Continue reading “Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

President Of The Ratings Party

Donald Trump is a hardcore conservative! No, denitely not and that can easily be proven with some quick research. Therefore, Trump is a committed liberal! Again, not true. Let’s quickly examine this a little closer. In a world full of different titles and labels, of which we have way too many, where does someone like… Continue reading President Of The Ratings Party

Comedians For Trump 2020

Democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, whatever you identify as, we can all agree, this election is sure to leave a bad taste in America’s mouth. We can cry about our despair or we can laugh about it. Let’s explore the latter, shall we? There is a lot of humor this election cycle, both intended and unintended.… Continue reading Comedians For Trump 2020