PYA (Professional YouTube Association)

YouTube is a professional league of players. It’s like the NBA; a league of players who dedicate intense time and effort toward honing their skills so that come “gametime” (or time to hit the record button if you’re a YouTuber) you’re ready to entertain the world. Except instead of athletes, the players are vloggers, pranksters,… Continue reading PYA (Professional YouTube Association)

Attention Is The Root Of Power

What do you hear people with the highest financial IQ‘s, like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author and extremely successful dude Robert Kiyosaki, say about the value of the dollar? It’s becoming more widely realized that the value of the dollar is decreasing. But what does that mean for our aspirations of wealth? What about “Get… Continue reading Attention Is The Root Of Power

Where Will The World Be Centuries From Today?

Let’s think about the state of the world right now. Not in terms of civil justice and politics, just the world as a whole. The first thing that comes to mind is the climate. It’s all around us and affects all life equally. I wish we had a 45th president who acknowledged it, but I… Continue reading Where Will The World Be Centuries From Today?

We Love Real Celebs. Like Chrissy Teigen

You can make a great point using comedy and comedic tweets. Other times, you just look like an idiot. I have tried this, and have succeeded, and other times failed. My latest article dealt with an interesting topic in our society, mediocrity. How the bar of success has been lowered. Some even believe the nation will… Continue reading We Love Real Celebs. Like Chrissy Teigen

Which Hell Are You Going To?

Have Netflix? Love to laugh? Like to think about serious topics with a comedic twist? Do yourself a favor and watch Michael Che’s stand up comedy special, “Matters.”  “Matters” is one of the better comedy specials I’ve seen in a while and what really made it stand out was the way in which Che joked… Continue reading Which Hell Are You Going To?

President Of The Ratings Party

Donald Trump is a hardcore conservative! No, definitely not and that can easily be proven with some quick research. Therefore, Trump is a committed liberal! Again, not true. Let’s quickly examine this a little closer. In a world full of different titles and labels, of which we have way too many, where does someone like… Continue reading President Of The Ratings Party

Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

What you believe, that’s your opinion. Express your opinion, bro! To me, maybe to you, this is unsurprising news, but very important news. Kanye West, the least politically correct person you’ll find, more so than Donald Trump, has said what I always believed true, he supports our next president, and if he had voted, Trump… Continue reading Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye