Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

The more selective we become, the more we actually want a single perfect brand. Suppose you want coffee in 2017. Where do you go? Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop. Maybe you’re a Starbuckie, so you go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite beverage, from a menu with about a dozen… Continue reading Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

Attention Is The Root Of Power

What do you hear people with the highest financial IQ‘s, like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author and extremely successful dude Robert Kiyosaki, say about the value of the dollar? It’s becoming more widely realized that the value of the dollar is decreasing. But what does that mean for our aspirations of wealth? What about “Get… Continue reading Attention Is The Root Of Power

Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now

Here we have a great video simply explaining the concept of personal branding and developing your own personal brand. In the video, Ms. Goodgold pays particular attention to one’s personal vocabulary and how it can brand you as a person. For example, a professional (and very rich) friend of mine has specific phrases he says… Continue reading Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now

Were You Taught Mediocrity?

Do we teach, even encourage mediocrity? Of course not, we would never. On purpose. Being below average is unacceptable for most people. Being average is nothing to strive for, and being above average is great. But why stop there, be the best, right?┬áMany hearing phrases like, be the best, keep climbing, never stop progressing, are… Continue reading Were You Taught Mediocrity?