You’re An Ant From The Trump Tower Window

You’re gazing out at Midtown Manhattan from the Penthouse¬†of Trump Tower, hundreds of feet in the New York sky. Typical day for Donald Trump. See all those people walking down Fifth¬†Avenue? They look like little bitty ants, don’t they? Throughout history, and in our innate psychological logic, elevation has symbolized status. The higher you are,… Continue reading You’re An Ant From The Trump Tower Window

Comedians For Trump 2020

Democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, whatever you identify as, we can all agree, this election is sure to leave a bad taste in America’s mouth. We can cry about our despair or we can laugh about it. Let’s explore the latter, shall we? There is a lot of humor this election cycle, both intended and unintended.… Continue reading Comedians For Trump 2020

If You Want To Win, You Gotta Go Viral

Imagine a vast global gathering of people of all ages, cultures, races, and backgrounds. Anyone can come and go as they please. Everyone is admitted. You can be whoever you want to be and people will get behind you if they agree with what you believe. What kinds of ideas are discussed here? How could… Continue reading If You Want To Win, You Gotta Go Viral

Many People Said You Should Read This

If many people say it it must be true. Many people said you should share all my posts and many people are saying you should send me $100. Believe me? Probably not. Saying many people say something without any proof or evidence is not a valid testimony. Someone in particular uses this logic in attempts… Continue reading Many People Said You Should Read This

Louis C.K’s President Mommy

Louis C.K, one of my favorite comedians and one of the most well-known “dad comics” of all time, sat down with Conan to explain why he supports Hillary Clinton for president. He makes many great points, surrounding the fact that Hillary is a woman, but more importantly, a mother. Maybe that’s what we need right… Continue reading Louis C.K’s President Mommy

Debate Like Donald

This man can do some serious damage with a microphone. In this YouTube video from Charisma On Command, we explore some of Donald Trump’s debate tricks and tactics that make him so unbeatable in an argument. As some of us know, Donald is a genius persuader. He uses his command of human psychology to dominate… Continue reading Debate Like Donald

Hillary, The Political Machine

Robots are taking over the Earth! One in particular is trying to run the country. One of the main traits that rubs people the wrong way with Hillary Clinton is how robotic she is. She is so “by the book” and rehearsed it comes off as insincere. One thing people, especially young people, hate, is… Continue reading Hillary, The Political Machine