Eat Well/ Move Often

Take Care of You

Of course we all know the 3 main components of proper health are:

1. Diet

2. Exercise

3. Sleep

Good thing is we’re young so our bodies are in optimum condition naturally. However, looking down the road to our elder years, we can start now to develop habits that will benefit us now and much more in the future.

When time machines are invented, your future self is going to travel back to your present self and thank you for reading this article, and taking care of yourself starting young.

What does proper diet/ sleep/ exercise consist of?

Every body is different so mathematical formulas and biological studies that work for one person may not work for everyone. It is more important to understand the mechanics of proper body care and determine what is best for yourself.

Typically we need:

diet rich in plant based vitamins and minerals, lean protein, complex carbs, and lots of water

7-8 hours of sleep

30 minutes a day of intense exercise 

From there, there are tons of variations. We’re young so we can utilize trial and error and see what works best for our individual selves. If we see improvement, stick to it, if not, try something else. It’s really that simple. We’ll get into types of diets and exercises later, but it is important to understand the fundamentals of your daily proper health maintenance first.




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