Dude Gifts He Actually Will Want/ Use, Under $100

We are thankful for the love and blessings in our life all year, but this time of year we show it with family time, Christmas movies, egg nog, gingerbread, Pop Christmas Radio, Christmas parties, and gift giving. You probably have 2 things in your life right now. 1. A guy who you want to surprise… Continue reading Dude Gifts He Actually Will Want/ Use, Under $100

“Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

Lavar Ball is winning. It’s remarkable to understand exactly how. And once you understand, you’ll notice how he rose to stardom for himself and his sons the same way Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Kylie Jenner, and plenty of other branding geniuses have done before. It may sound weird to relate a president, a provocative journalist,… Continue reading “Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

The more selective we become, the more we actually want a single perfect brand. Suppose you want coffee in 2017. Where do you go? Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop. Maybe you’re a Starbuckie, so you go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite beverage, from a menu with about a dozen… Continue reading Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

For The Love Of La Croix

Popping open a cold, brightly colored can of bubbly, fruity flavored fizz water sounds like a jacuzzi party for my taste buds. That’s a visual many people are drawn to. Because we love fruity flavors, bubbles, and fun. All of which are associated with La Croix. You’ve seen it in the hands of millennials, on… Continue reading For The Love Of La Croix

Pedicab Travel @ Austin, Tx SXSW!

Austin, Tx is doing what they do best, being awesome. Here come the tourists in droves, visiting for the nationally renowned South By South West music fest. If you’re in town, or if you’ve ever visited during a busy time in Austin, and hell, it’s always busy, then you’ve seen the pedicab drivers pedaling around… Continue reading Pedicab Travel @ Austin, Tx SXSW!

Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now

Here we have a great video simply explaining the concept of personal branding and developing your own personal brand. In the video, Ms. Goodgold pays particular attention to one’s personal vocabulary and how it can brand you as a person. For example, a professional (and very rich) friend of mine has specific phrases he says… Continue reading Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now

Decision 2016. Laugh About It

GQ’s Top Election 2016 Tweets  If you are thrilled with the way the election was decided, take a second to bask in your glory with some undeniably funny tweets about all the wild shit that went down throughout the process. If you can’t comprehend how America could make such a stupid, heartless decision and need… Continue reading Decision 2016. Laugh About It