400 Years A Mental Slave – The Kanye Theory

You’ve heard the words that made the nation scowl in disgust and confusion. Kanye had the courage to go on TMZ and defend and explain his controversial, super progressive ideas and mindsets. And all people walked away with was a negative headline, “Kanye West Says Slavery Was a Choice” If you read the headline with… Continue reading 400 Years A Mental Slave – The Kanye Theory

Smoke Your Weed and Drink It Too 🍁

California Dreamin’. What does this mean? To most of us it’s synonymous with a laid back lifestyle of kickin it on the beach with some buds, escaping reality, chillin, and livin the fun and easy life. Basically, the stoner lifestyle. But not the lazy, unproductive stoner who can’t keep his eyes open and dozes off… Continue reading Smoke Your Weed and Drink It Too 🍁

How To Create Your Best Content Ever

First things first, if you’re among the millions of young, self confident individuals who takes it into their own hands to constantly learn and progress in professional and personal life, then you should really checkout the “30 Days Of Greatness” podcast series from Creative Live. On one episode, life coach Maria Forleo spoke about social… Continue reading How To Create Your Best Content Ever

Here’s How Starbucks Can Win Big

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson admits the coffee giant has experienced recent flatlining in sales. *Here’s what Starbucks is doing well: Retaining the regular, everyday customers. Aka: COFFEE ADDICTS! You know the ones, they walk around with a 30oz cup of espresso or Frappuccino with more caffeine than should be consumed in a lifetime. They wait… Continue reading Here’s How Starbucks Can Win Big

How To Steal Grapes From A Robot

  Today, Amazon launches their automated convenience store, Amazon Go, to the people of Seattle. If you don’t know, the concept of the store is super futuristic. Just scan through the gate with your Amazon Go app and start shopping. The sensors detect what’s in your possession when you leave the store, and you’re charged… Continue reading How To Steal Grapes From A Robot

Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

*In the barber shop, “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar is playing and my barber, Jackson, is rapping every word.* Me- “Ha, ok Jackson! You went all the way in on that one. How long did it take to learn every word?” Jackson- “Well Kendrick is one of those guys I really listen to, ya know. I… Continue reading Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)

“Young nigga won trappin’ a Grammy, I want a Grammy”                                                                    -Quavo of Migos (2014) I never thought it would happen. When Migos… Continue reading Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)