400 Years A Mental Slave – The Kanye Theory

You’ve heard the words that made the nation scowl in disgust and confusion. Kanye had the courage to go on TMZ and defend and explain his controversial, super progressive ideas and mindsets. And all people walked away with was a negative headline, “Kanye West Says Slavery Was a Choice” If you read the headline with… Continue reading 400 Years A Mental Slave – The Kanye Theory

We’re Giving Life To Robots, Literally!

Robots are taking over the world! Run! But where? I’m scared! We hear a lot of crazy talk nowadays about a robot takeover. Why though? Sure, we have increased reliance on digital power these days. We all have digital assistants, online personas, and increasingly progressing technology. But what about when this technology becomes smarter than… Continue reading We’re Giving Life To Robots, Literally!

Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

What you believe, that’s your opinion. Express your opinion, bro! To me, maybe to you, this is unsurprising news, but very important news. Kanye West, the least politically correct person you’ll find, more so than Donald Trump, has said what I always believed true, he supports our next president, and if he had voted, Trump… Continue reading Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

Louis C.K’s President Mommy

Louis C.K, one of my favorite comedians and one of the most well-known “dad comics” of all time, sat down with Conan to explain why he supports Hillary Clinton for president. He makes many great points, surrounding the fact that Hillary is a woman, but more importantly, a mother. Maybe that’s what we need right… Continue reading Louis C.K’s President Mommy

Panic! At The Polls (Living With CWS)

We don’t win anymore. We’re gonna win. We are going to win. We’re gonna win win win. We’re gonna get tired of winning we’re going to win so much. I’m a WINNER, we will WIN. Sign me up! Who doesn’t love to win? Some of us are regular winners, some not so much. It is… Continue reading Panic! At The Polls (Living With CWS)

Thanks Hillary & Donald

My first presidential election and these are my choices?!?!? A sentiment shared among thousands of first time voters, myself included. I’ve been following politics all my life, at first because it was a big family matter, since one of my uncles is in congress, another is a mayor. Now I just like politics. Thanks Obama. Thanks Trump. This… Continue reading Thanks Hillary & Donald