FBI Director Job Application

Dear President Trump and White House directors to whom this may concern, As of this week, there has been a widely covered occurrence regarding the removalĀ  of James Comey as FBI Director. Due to the absence of the highly honorable position, I’d like to submit myself for consideration to fill the vacancy. I have the… Continue reading FBI Director Job Application

“Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

Lavar Ball is winning. It’s remarkable to understand exactly how. And once you understand, you’ll notice how he rose to stardom for himself and his sons the same way Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Kylie Jenner, and plenty of other branding geniuses have done before. It may sound weird to relate a president, a provocative journalist,… Continue reading “Big Baller Brand” Insane, or Insanely Genius?

Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now

Here we have a great video simply explaining the concept of personal branding and developing your own personal brand. In the video, Ms. Goodgold pays particular attention to one’s personal vocabulary and how it can brand you as a person. For example, a professional (and very rich) friend of mine has specific phrases he says… Continue reading Stand Out. Be Remembered. Develop Your Brand Now