You Already Forgot What’s Most Important. Let’s Fix That!

“There is real value in sharing  moments that don’t live forever.” -Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat Think for a second, where was your very first vacation? Remember? What was it like? What was the feeling you had the first moment you stepped foot in a new place? Who was to your left? To your right?… Continue reading You Already Forgot What’s Most Important. Let’s Fix That!

We’re Giving Life To Robots, Literally!

Robots are taking over the world! Run! But where? I’m scared! We hear a lot of crazy talk nowadays about a robot takeover. Why though? Sure, we have increased reliance on digital power these days. We all have digital assistants, online personas, and increasingly progressing technology. But what about when this technology becomes smarter than… Continue reading We’re Giving Life To Robots, Literally!

Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

The more selective we become, the more we actually want a single perfect brand. Suppose you want coffee in 2017. Where do you go? Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop. Maybe you’re a Starbuckie, so you go to your favorite coffee shop and order your favorite beverage, from a menu with about a dozen… Continue reading Future Of Commerce Is Simply The Best

Comedians For Trump 2020

Democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, whatever you identify as, we can all agree, this election is sure to leave a bad taste in America’s mouth. We can cry about our despair or we can laugh about it. Let’s explore the latter, shall we? There is a lot of humor this election cycle, both intended and unintended.… Continue reading Comedians For Trump 2020

Thanks Hillary & Donald

My first presidential election and these are my choices?!?!? A sentiment shared among thousands of first time voters, myself included. I’ve been following politics all my life, at first because it was a big family matter, since one of my uncles is in congress, another is a mayor. Now I just like politics. Thanks Obama. Thanks Trump. This… Continue reading Thanks Hillary & Donald