Politics Is My New Favorite Show!

Politics is so boring. Sooo boring. I’ve sat in countless history and political science classes and learned about politics. I also have 2 politicians in my family. I can tell you from a lifetime of experience, the shit is boring. Anyone would agree that the typical idea of politics is old White men talking about… Continue reading Politics Is My New Favorite Show!

Three Billboards Outside Somewhere Endings Go To Die

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Ok, this movie got a lot of praise for its story, plot, and acting, among other things. Chris Stuckman’s review said it was an unfiltered, dark depiction of a murder drama in rural Missouri. He said it has deep emotion and dark humor. I’m kinda intimidated by the toughness of… Continue reading Three Billboards Outside Somewhere Endings Go To Die

The 1st Half Of “Tambourine” SUCKED

Chris Rock is dope. He’s one of the smartest and funniest comedians ever to hit the big stage. He needs to be on Jerry Seinfield’s show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” That’d be a great episode. So I watched his Netflix special and took notes along the way. All in all, that shit was good.… Continue reading The 1st Half Of “Tambourine” SUCKED

100 Movie Challenge

I’m trying to watch more movies. Why? Because movies are works of art that take years of time, creative thought, and effort to finish. A good movie is like a puzzle; it demands you think, analyze, and put the pieces together to reach the end, where you finally see the full picture (which hopefully shocks… Continue reading 100 Movie Challenge

Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

*In the barber shop, “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar is playing and my barber, Jackson, is rapping every word.* Me- “Ha, ok Jackson! You went all the way in on that one. How long did it take to learn every word?” Jackson- “Well Kendrick is one of those guys I really listen to, ya know. I… Continue reading Look Mom, I’m A Rapper!

Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)

“Young nigga won trappin’ a Grammy, I want a Grammy”                                                                    -Quavo of Migos (2014) I never thought it would happen. When Migos… Continue reading Not Your Grammy’s Grammy (Migos!)

PYA (Professional YouTube Association)

YouTube is a professional league of players. It’s like the NBA; a league of players who dedicate intense time and effort toward honing their skills so that come “gametime” (or time to hit the record button if you’re a YouTuber) you’re ready to entertain the world. Except instead of athletes, the players are vloggers, pranksters,… Continue reading PYA (Professional YouTube Association)