Smoke Your Weed and Drink It Too 🍁

California Dreamin’. What does this mean? To most of us it’s synonymous with a laid back lifestyle of kickin it on the beach with some buds, escaping reality, chillin, and livin the fun and easy life. Basically, the stoner lifestyle. But not the lazy, unproductive stoner who can’t keep his eyes open and dozes off… Continue reading Smoke Your Weed and Drink It Too 🍁

Keebler Elves Are Drug Dealers. Get High Off Your Own Supply 🍪

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies!??! Know Goodies! If you’re like me, you love desserts of all sorts, but you know that at the top of the dessert food chain is the basic chocolate chip cookie. It’s simply the best dessert known to man. And I never discriminate when it comes to dessert. The only desserts I’ll… Continue reading Keebler Elves Are Drug Dealers. Get High Off Your Own Supply 🍪

Here’s How Starbucks Can Win Big

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson admits the coffee giant has experienced recent flatlining in sales. *Here’s what Starbucks is doing well: Retaining the regular, everyday customers. Aka: COFFEE ADDICTS! You know the ones, they walk around with a 30oz cup of espresso or Frappuccino with more caffeine than should be consumed in a lifetime. They wait… Continue reading Here’s How Starbucks Can Win Big

Intermittent Fasting On Accident

For the past 2 months, I’ve been intermittent fasting…on accident. And the results have been interesting. How does someone start a dieting trend on accident? Funny story actually. I’m living with my brother, an investment banker who just recently purchased his second Bentley to keep in his second house in Austin.        … Continue reading Intermittent Fasting On Accident

Protein. Keep It Simple

Protein. It’s about the looks. And we want to look good, so most protein powders focus mostly on selling you on their cute packaging and buff models (who are probably taking steroids). It’s all marketing. And really, what’s isn’t?  The world is marketing, everything is only as good as its marketing because marketing is based… Continue reading Protein. Keep It Simple

For The Love Of La Croix

Popping open a cold, brightly colored can of bubbly, fruity flavored fizz water sounds like a jacuzzi party for my taste buds. That’s a visual many people are drawn to. Because we love fruity flavors, bubbles, and fun. All of which are associated with La Croix. You’ve seen it in the hands of millennials, on… Continue reading For The Love Of La Croix

Pedicab Travel @ Austin, Tx SXSW!

Austin, Tx is doing what they do best, being awesome. Here come the tourists in droves, visiting for the nationally renowned South By South West music fest. If you’re in town, or if you’ve ever visited during a busy time in Austin, and hell, it’s always busy, then you’ve seen the pedicab drivers pedaling around… Continue reading Pedicab Travel @ Austin, Tx SXSW!