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I’m Jonny Scott. Call me Jonny. Call me Scotty. Or whatever, because we’re here together and we’re friends, and that’s of ultimate importance.

Welcome to a fun and unique place called reality. It’s as imaginative, dreamy, and exciting as you want it to be. Allow it to be your happy place, through which you love you life and see the world.

This is a world spun by thoughts, ideas, opinions, and discussions. Share yours and keep it spinning.

Follow this blog if you’re like me, a curious minded young adult who sees a brighter future in America and is ready for the opportunity and responsibility to take charge. Let’s talk about what we like, what we see, what problems we face, and how we can overcome them together.

This is a place to discuss, learn, teach, and share. This is not mine or yours, it’s for all of us, and we all make it better.