We’re Giving Life To Robots, Literally!

Robots are taking over the world! Run! But where? I’m scared!

We hear a lot of crazy talk nowadays about a robot takeover. Why though? Sure, we have increased reliance on digital power these days. We all have digital assistants, online personas, and increasingly progressing technology. But what about when this technology becomes smarter than us? Why are humans the most dominant planetary species we are aware of? Because out of all life forms we can perceive, we seem to be the smartest. What happens when computers become the smartest forms of life? Is artificial intelligence becoming the better intelligence? Will we truly have a robotic dominance? The surprising truth might be this; we are already well on our way to this becoming reality.

We consider ourselves to be the highest from of Earthly intelligence because we seem to have the highest level of consciousness and control. But when will there be a form of life more intelligent than us? The scary truth is, it’s almost impossible to know. Already, there may be life forms so intelligent, we can’t perceive them. They could be working so fast, you can’t see them right in front of you.

Computers work within fractions of milliseconds, faster than our simple human senses can notice. If computers keep progressing and integrating into our lifestyles in new ways, how will we control them? If computers have the most influence on the world, how will we have full control of ourselves?

We need self control. If we’re not in control, someone else is. Someone, or something. These days, it seems as though technology is gaining more control of life than us. This will most likely continue. Think about it, what are some ways we acknowledge technology over physical reality? We rely more on social media as representation of life than life itself. Someone says something mean on the internet, we think the real world is just a mean place. We care more about the health advice of fitness trackers than some medical professionals. We might follow guidance for fitness and diet based on what our smart watch says instead of professional science. We care more about how we look in our profile pictures than when we go out to dinner.  We might spend far too long editing a picture to post, but not enough time picking out a nice outfit to wear out. It’s no secret, the digital world is taking precedence over the physical world.

Think of the similarities between your brain and your computer. compouyter brainBoth have potential to calculate enormous amounts of data resulting in new output. We can teach both how to function and increase strength, speed, and effectiveness at which they operate. We are noticing an increasing reliance on computer power, and decreasing reliance on brain power. This sure makes life easier. It’s pretty nice letting technology do all the work of thinking, calculating, and storing information. Fuck effort! However, as we decrease brain power, we get weaker. We become too reliant on computers. Computers gain all the information, knowledge, and power. Computers get better, we get worse. Computers gain control. So then, does that mean computers gain consciousness?  conscious robot



This sounds like a futuristic concept, but a future with robotic control of society may be closer than we believe. What can we do to stop it and remain in control? Stop making robotic technology and integrating it into everyday life? No! We love lifestyle technology. New technology makes life easier and better. However, right now technology is increasing and brain power is decreasing. What if we could develop both simultaneously? What if we used technology for its intended purpose? What is this purpose? Simple, to help us learn, communicate, teach, progress, and grow. All factors that are key to human significance. Technology is a tool. Tools make life easier when used properly, but we have to be in control.

robot dilbert comic

I might be totally wrong. I don’t think I am, but if you think I am wrong (or right) share your thoughts with us!


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