Attention Is The Root Of Power

What do you hear people with the highest financial IQ‘s, like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author and extremely successful dude Robert Kiyosaki, say about the value of the dollar? It’s becoming more widely realized that the value of the dollar is decreasing. But what does that mean for our aspirations of wealth? What about “Get Rich Or Die Tryin?” What about our desire for status? What determines status now? If money is decreasing in value, what makes someone rich?

If you’re able to distance yourself from the drama and hysteria that is the mainstream media, you’ll notice we are currently living in a major societal shift. Think about it, what do people strive for, more than money? What do young people yearn for? What lights up our brain’s pleasure receptors like fireworks on the 4th of July? Know the answer? It’s attention!

Being rich is not just the possession of money. Because there’s no predetermined qualifier or quantifier that says “Ok, now you’re rich.” Some determine wealth based on their environment and social group. If you have the most money in your social group, your friends will call you rich. Until your social group consists of Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates. Are you still rich?

In our relentless search for riches, there’s no better treasure map than the truth behind what makes someone successful. The truth is here. Rich is a mindset. A rich mindset shows you abundant possibilities and opportunities for success, and a belief in yourself that you will achieve. The beauty is that a rich mindset is a mindset anyone can form and strengthen by taking action.

Once you fully understand the benefit a rich mindset has on your life, you can move forward toward acquiring more currency. But what is that currency? Is it money? Not so much anymore. As odd as it may sound to some people, true currency is all about the social media likes, views, comments, web traffic, and attention. That’s what makes us rich these days.

Does a popular web page that gets a lot of clicks really make someone rich? Am I delusional for thinking so? No, because I observe and understand how power, persuasion, and influence all stem from attention. If something gets a lot of attention, it’s valuable. Then, the money comes afterward. In what form? Advertisements. What’s the best example of mass attention allowing mass marketing? Television.

TV used to be informative, with its bunny ear antennas, dial, and 3 channels. That’s kinda cute considering how TVs nowadays have 60 inch screens, are thin as your credit card, have more channels than we could ever watch, and more megapixels than our human eyes can see. TV stations even used to go “off” at night. Then, corporations realized the demand for more TV meant there was potential for more views and attention. What was the value in the attention toward TV stations? Commercials, and they soon became the dominating force powering television stations. That’s why TV still exists, just to sell ad space. It’s all bullshit otherwise. That’s why Netflix and HBO are releasing so many good shows and movies, because they’re not concerned with ads. This allows them to focus on actually good content. Unlike TV shows and news channels that pander to an audience just to get attention and sell more valuable ad space. It’s all marketing.

It’s all absolutely true, marketing has taken over the world. Our social profiles are our own versions of marketing our brand. What’s your brand? Your brand is you, and you market your brand based on what you post online. Once your brand grows, and you get more attention, you’re a big empty billboard on the side of the most traffic-heavy highway in LA. Companies will throw money at you by the $1000 stack just to mention their brand along with yours.

So what do we do? Quit our jobs and become the next viral online sensation? You can’t deny that might work, just look at all the idiots who have no talent, but get attention for doing something stupid. Attention is the most valuable resource in a superficial, social media dominated society. To become rich, it looks like one of the best things we can do is develop, strengthen, and market our most valuable brand, ourselves.

Whatcha think?



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