For The Love Of La Croix

Popping open a cold, brightly colored can of bubbly, fruity flavored fizz water sounds like a jacuzzi party for my taste buds. That’s a visual many people are drawn to. Because we love fruity flavors, bubbles, and fun. All of which are associated with La Croix.

You’ve seen it in the hands of millennials, on the shelves at Whole Foods, on your friend’s Instagram, and maybe you’ve downed a few yourself. Like most people I see around Austin, Tx, I love La Croix. It’s a fruity and tasty drink that’s clean, light, refreshing, sugar free, and tasty.

However, as great as those details are, I’ll tell you why most people are drawn to this bubbly beverage. It has nothing to do with taste. As with most products, it’s all about branding.

You’re a young, hip, cool person. You’re walking down the drink aisle of a store and are craving a fizzy sensation. You gave up soda because it’s a toxic can of sugary, addictive sludge. So, you want something clean, but bubbly. Do you want the Dasani sparkling water? No, that’s super boring. We know Dasani as just regular, bland water. It’s good, but when it comes to fizzy fun, we want something cooler. So, Perrier? No, that’s for old people. My mom drinks Perrier, so it can’t be that cool. Plus when you order a Perrier, you seem so stuck up. No thanks. There are a couple more similar options, like San Pellegrino, but nothing is really catching your eye. AND THEN…

OOOooh what’s this pretty looking, bright colored drink with the exotic name? It looks like a work of art, with it’s simple and stylish packaging. The name is awesome, and the feeling of drinking a foreign named drink makes you seem more elegant. And so many flavors! All natural, sugar free, 0 calories? Nice!

Pause right there. Already, your mind has been made up, you like the drink. But wait, you haven’t even taken a sip. How could you already like it? Simple, because feelings are often more impactful than facts. The facts are that La Croix is nothing new. Fruity sparkling water has been around for a while, but we are superficial beings by nature, it’s not our fault. We like pretty packaging and clever marketing more than the product itself. Take away the packaging and you very well may realize you like Dasani sparkling water better. But because Dasani doesn’t have a cool, trendy association, we don’t like it as much.

Still, I’m sticking with my La Croix. The coconut flavor is amazing. And no other brand I know of has a coconut flavor, so La Croix wins. All this is to give you an example of how marketing, packaging, branding, and association are very often more persuasive factors than actual product itself. This is true in terms of people too. People who are marketed and branded a certain way are often perceived to be better than other people who are actually more talented.

You can take a piece of shit and wrap it in gold and everyone will love it. Until the gold wears off and they realize what’s really there. Either don’t let the gold wear off, or become gold wrapped in gold.

Now, you can enjoy this totally true (fake and funny) video of La Croix “facts.”


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