The Society Who Cried Corruption

We’re seeing it everyday now, people are finding reasons to complain and fight against corruption over everything. Is everything worthy of uproar? Does everything our government do have a sole purpose of undermining you and me? It may seem that way sometimes, but we know better.

Still, people will complain. Makes sense, we’re the instant gratification generation, right? We want what we want and we want it now. That’s great! Still, change takes time. And if we continue to find fault in everything around us, like every new government policy, every micro aggression, every mean word on Twitter, then we’re making our battle a lot harder than it needs to be.

What I’m saying is this, keep a focus on the real problems that matter. Not everything is life or death. Not everything is worthy of riot, protest, division, hatred, and negativity. Take a tip from Mark Manson, and learn the “subtle art of not giving a fuck.” It’s worth it. We want to be happy and united, we need  more indifference to the little bullshit, more focus on the bigger issues, and unity toward solutions.

Dave Rubin has a great commentary on this whole situation. He’s absolutely right, we need to chill out a bit. We are stronger together and the fierce tension we’re seeing ultimately leads to division. Take a quick listen to what he has to say.


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