Pedicab Travel @ Austin, Tx SXSW!

Austin, Tx is doing what they do best, being awesome. Here come the tourists in droves, visiting for the nationally renowned South By South West music fest. If you’re in town, or if you’ve ever visited during a busy time in Austin, and hell, it’s always busy, then you’ve seen the pedicab drivers pedaling around town. If you’re a car driver, you’ve probably uttered some unfavorable words (hopefully to yourself) to a pedicab driver. Because let’s face it, cyclists can be a nuisance to the traffic heavy, mean streets of ATX, but at the same time, you have to love them.

You only hate pedicabs if you haven’t ridden in one yet. Such a cool, fun, QUICK way to get around while everyone else is stressing over navigating their cars. How awesome are the pedicabs with speakers and aux cords too? Who doesn’t want to blast music while zooming through an ocean of tourists? Basically, pedicab drivers are heroes.

And as with all heroes, we need to thank them. And we should know more about them, like this cool pedicab driver that KarmaloopTV highlighted on their YouTube. It’s a sweet video, has good background music, and will make you appreciate pedicab drivers even more.


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