Where Will The World Be Centuries From Today?

Let’s think about the state of the world right now. Not in terms of civil justice and politics, just the world as a whole.

The first thing that comes to mind is the climate. It’s all around us and affects all life equally. I wish we had a 45th president who acknowledged it, but I said we wouldn’t get political in this post. The climate has changed tremendously over the years, just like humans. However it can’t adapt, it just wears away. We know this too. In fact Bill Nye, coolest scientist ever (except Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson) says climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity. That’s really saying something.

So what the hell are we gonna do? We are sailing to a waterfall of doom and we know it, but we can’t seem to turn the ship around, or at least slow the ship down. Do we even seem to care? Is it just too much effort? Not a priority? What’s the deal people!? If we want to survive this drop, we need to innovate. Smart people are looking at this from a whole different angle, they’re saying that since climate change and global threats (meteors, natural disasters, etc) are showing no mercy, instead of trying to fight it, what if we relocated?

Scientists have already predicted the end of the world and estimated around when it may happen. So, what if we inhabited a different world? There are a zillion, actually a new study found a zillion and one, planets in space. Some of them may even be earth-like and inhabitable by humans. However they may be many light years away, so if you started flying to this “earth number 2” planet right now, you’d be toast by the time you got 1/100000th of the way.  If we settled on closer planets, we’d have to change some fundamental qualities of ourselves to be able to live there. So, what are we to do?

This is very forward thinking. Obviously none of us are going to have this problem to deal with in our lifetimes. We’ll be right here on comfy, cozy, human-friendly earth. However, we can begin the process that will benefit our grandkids far down our family line. Let’s start thinking outside the box (box meaning planet.) We will have to change our biological makeup (which we already can do) to accommodate the environment of a new planet. Is this ethical? Or we could find a planet similar to earth and make humans able to survive long enough to get there. Still, we’d have to scientifically increase human life spans, which can be done. But again, is it ethical? Maybe it’s  necessary. Maybe we can create space stations that we can land on mars or somewhere and just chill inside that for the remainder of the human species. Sounds nice, a huge space station on a planet that serves as a global community to house all the world’s people. Quaint.

We already have the ability to significantly alter human body characteristics. In the future, people will be sort of like GMO foods. That is, genetically modified to be basically perfect every time. The science shows that these kinds of procedures do little to no harm in most cases, but the benefits are astronomical. So, there’s gene altering, we’re also seeing a rise in human/ machine connection, in more ways than constantly holding a cell phone or wearing a smart watch. Body parts on the inside and outside of the body can now be replaced with machines. Sort of like how Darth Vader was part machine, and had a device to breathe for him. This is the biological future for humans. Some smart scientists are even working on a device that can store our knowledge and memories. Think of that, a memory card for our actual memories, basically a brain for your brain. Now, with this kind of potential, possibly even coming in our lifetimes, what does the future look like? Nothing will be the same.


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