We Love Real Celebs. Like Chrissy Teigen

You can make a great point using comedy and comedic tweets. Other times, you just look like an idiot. I have tried this, and have succeeded, and other times failed.

My latest article dealt with an interesting topic in our society, mediocrity. How the bar of success has been lowered. Some even believe the nation will soon be divided in 2: the rich and poor, or perhaps, the business workers and the business owners. 

Now more than ever is the time to be entrepreneurial. Especially while you’re young! If you don’t own a home, have kids, or any major assets, now is the time to bet it all on you. You have a lot to gain and not much to lose.

That is something I learned from a great businessman and an even better guy, Mark Cuban, known for being Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” investor. I’d say he is one of my role models, even though that’s a term I don’t use often. Role models can be dangerous, but we all have people we look up to and aspire to be like. When we over-glorify them is when we approach danger. There are no super-humans. Everyone is human, just like you and me. And we can do anything that any other human can do. Role models don’t have superpowers, but some sort of think of it like that.

Who do you see yourself in? Women love Jennifer Lawrence and Chrissy Teigen. Me too, they’re great! However, some women looovvveeeee these two Hollywood girls and others similar to them. Why? Because they’re down to earth, cool, goofy, and everyday women, just like you!

You’ve read the magazines and seen the headlines. You’ve seen J-Law trip on the red carpet and Chrissy dancing on The Tonight Show. Women love these celebs because, among other reasons, they’re “real.” I’m all for that, but recently I felt that some people were idolizing these women too much based on their imperfections. A pretty woman eats pizza and does a silly dance and people flock to her. They then feel more comfortable doing it themselves. That’s great! Do it! Leonardo DiCaprio, a favorite of mine, made the “dad-bod” that he rocked over the summer seem somewhat more acceptable. Cool, if that’s your look, own it!

Here’s the point I am making. More of a question I guess. Should we idolize people for their imperfections in this way? I get it, every woman has a goofy side, a clumsy side, and is a pizza and pasta lover. Me too! We don’t see that in Hollywood enough. However I’d love for women to also idolize Chrissy Teigen’s fitness prowess and dedication to her family, and Jennifer Lawrence’s talent and work ethic. Those are equally admirable traits, yet don’t compare in popularity to the less inspirational characteristics of being a beautiful, clumsy Hollywood gal.

I’m all for DiCaprio rocking whatever body style he wants, that’s not why I’m inspired by him. People look at him like, oh, well if Leo put on a little belly weight and he’s still an A list celebrity, I guess I can too! No, let’s not be superficial. I love Leo because he is an amazing actor, person, and humanitarian and has demonstrated a relentless care for the environment and wildlife, dad-bod or not.

Checkout my tweet and Chrissy Teigen’s response. Looking at it, yea, maybe I didn’t accurately make the point I was going for. But hey, it’s Twitter, you only get 140 characters and it’s hard to say a lot in few words. Hopefully I’ve cleared up the confusion (I’m not a hater) and made my point more accurately.

Understand what’s important, and in the process, never forget to dance, trip, eat pizza, and be as goofy as you possibly can be. It’s more fun that way.

And, sorry Chrissy. My mom really does love you cookbook.

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