Taking The Power Out Of Words. Offensive Terms Of Endearment

“Damn that’s a bad bitch! Right my nigga? Damn boy. She’s sexy as shit. Swear to fuckin god.”

Lot of potty words in that statement that you have likely heard in some way or form. Offensive? To some. A compliment? Yes, that’s what is intended. If you’re hip, you get it. Check it out.

Someone calls you a bitch, you have the right to face slap that offensive jerk. However, they call you a bad bitch, and they’re expecting a “thank you.” A “boss ass bitch” is a successful title that some women strive for. Definitely strange, but there’s one important difference, context! 

If you’ve listened to any of the majority of black comedians, you’ve heard jokes about general and historical use of the N word: Slavery era-America, hateful word. Modern day, term of endearment used by all young races, IN A CERTAIN CONTEXT. Different take right here; the word “boy.” Historically, demeaning word. Generally speaking, fine term for a young male. In a different context, like calling a grown man “boy,” it’s very degrading. Context!

How to take the power out of an offensive word. 1) Change the context 2) Overuse!

Look at what the Hillary campaign did when Don called her a “nasty woman,” they put it on a t shirt and had it everywhere, which took the sting out of it. How about this example, “he who must not be named.” When Harry Potter and his peers at Hogwarts keep Voldemort’s name so sacred, they’re giving him power, but if they say it often, he doesn’t seem as special. I guess this aligns with the scarcity principle; what is limited is perceived as more valuable. Make it more vast and it’s not as powerful. 

Kanye West spoke about how he took the power of of the N word. Maybe there were earlier pioneers of this, like the rap group NWA (Niggas With Attitude.) But Kanye made it more acceptable to my generation, and to all races in the generation, I believe. How? Context, overuse, and GLORIFICATION.

Kanye West’s words: “I can show you how you can take the power out of anything, and how you can add power to anything. Like I can take the power out of the n word. We can take the power out of the Confederate flag.”

You’ve heard the song, “Niggas In Paris.” When you listen to it you think, cool, I wanna be a nigga in Paris. I want all my friends to be niggas in Paris. Because Kanye made it seem cool to be a nigga in Paris! Then, knowing he has a diverse audience, he performs his songs and holds out the mic to let the crowd (all races included) sing the parts with the n word. So, this guy is letting white kids say this word, so it must be socially acceptable, right? He’s even making it seem cool to be one. And a compliment or term of endearment, even one that I don’t really like, is still a positive term. So, as long as that’s how it’s meant, I should be ok with that, right? Remember, nothing makes sense anymore in this country, maybe it never did, so sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

It’s funny observing children grow up in today’s America using curse words as general language. Growing up, “stupid” and “shut up” were dirty words in my household.

Every generation has a list of “hip” or “contemporary” and “urbanterms that not everyone understands. A lot of these words are ones that others recognize as offensive, regardless of context. But we young people understand, it’s intuitive what we mean, we are growing up with this language, so if we want to be offensive, we know how. If we want to call someone our friend, we call them our nigga, if we want to use a simile, we say things like “sexy as shit” or “crazy as hell.”

I know I know, young people and our offensive terms of endearment, right?

Understand this is only an observation of changing language and terms in society and no offense is intended nor do I necessarily support the use of certain words in any context.

What do you think?


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