President Of The Ratings Party

Donald Trump is a hardcore conservative! No, definitely not and that can easily be proven with some quick research. Therefore, Trump is a committed liberal! Again, not true. Let’s quickly examine this a little closer.

In a world full of different titles and labels, of which we have way too many, where does someone like Donald Trump fit? When you look at it, despite winning as a republican, he’s not a conservative, and he’s not a liberal. Neither fundamental principle appeals to him. This makes sense too, seeing as he isn’t crazy about many issues in general, even lightening up his hardcore ideas on immigration and Obamacare. If you’ve read his books and listened to some of his interviews, you know what kind of guy Donald is. Coming from him, not the media, you know he is actually a very laid back, no-set-plans kind of guy. Maybe you’re thinking, “How can this mindset make such a great businessman?” Great question, and maybe the reason why some business-people fail is because in our lives of unpredictability, the ones who are too planned out have the disadvantage of not being prepared to face whatever happens to come their way. Better question, “How can this mindset make a great president?” Well, the answer, if there is a correct one, goes like this, “Nobody knows.”

We’ve established a few things already. Big things. Trump is an unpredictable leader who uses his business savvy and instinct to direct him in the right direction. Ok, that answer may please some of you, but many of you want something more concrete. After all, his decisions affect all of us. If he doesn’t stand by conservative principles, and he’s not exactly a liberal, what guidelines will he use to enact his courses of action? I love this answer, it actually is the epitome of who Donald really is, and you already know it. It’s all about the ratings. 

You know what label fits trump the absolute best and better than the rest? I’ve said this before and many people seem to agree, even top analysts who think outside of the box will say this. Trump is a populist. This is probably the first time you’ve heard Trump’s principles summed up this way, he cares about his ratings more than any conservative or liberal principle in existence. 

You’ve heard Donald say these kinds of remarks, where he goes on a tirade after a media outlet gives him bad press. What does he go after? The ratings! Wolf Blitzer, SNL, CNN, Don Lemon, and many other outlets. When things don’t go his way, his go-to hit is at the ratings. How does he measure his success? Check the numbers, good ratings = success/ happy Donald.






Here’s a question to ask, “So he cares about ratings, great, now what’s that got to do with ME?” The answer: everything. Trump is a populist. He cares 100% about what people think of him. So, he will do whatever the majority population wants.

For a split second, go beneath the fuzzy hair and inside the mind of Donald. He is thinking big picture. People HATE him right now and he doesn’t want to be remembered as the president that caused more hatred and division than any president in recent history. He wants to be the president that people worship like the god he thinks he is. How would you accomplish that? Do what most people want you to do, then most people will like you. Easy. Great ratings, good publicity, good public feedback. Remember, this is a TV guy, he’s superficial and ratings and public opinion mean the world to him.

Simply put, he said whatever his base wanted to hear to get them fired up to support him during the campaign. Now we’re in the big leagues, you have everyone at the will of your whistle Donny, and I know you won’t blow it, because the ratings would tank!

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