Express Your Opinion, Bro! Just Like Kanye

What you believe, that’s your opinion. Express your opinion, bro!

To me, maybe to you, this is unsurprising news, but very important news.

Kanye West, the least politically correct person you’ll find, more so than Donald Trump, has said what I always believed true, he supports our next president, and if he had voted, Trump is who he would’ve voted for.

The similarities are so clear and everything Kanye said is the medicine we don’t want to take. “We are a racist country.” “Stop making race such a big a deal.” And we do! Without realizing it, we make race such a big deal, which makes it prevalent in our minds. We are constantly reminded of our differences because we make such a big deal of them. We try so hard to be equal that we end up dividing up everyone into groups that get special attention, inevitably leaving someone out.

Maybe you can look at it in this, perhaps overly simplified, way: When you give your youngest child a cookie, you have to give all your kids a cookie, then they’ll argue over who’s cookie is bigger. Just leave the cookie jar open! Let them get their own cookies, right? Then the cookie argument is over.

Trump is a communicator in the way Bill Clinton and Obama are great communicators. Everyone will and wants to listen to them and can understand them.

I say this, Donald Trump says this, Kanye West says this, because we want real equality. To be equal, you can’t make a big deal out of differences. We’re all just people. We have different races, genders, religions, sexual preferences, and this is who we are now. It’s amazing, and if you’re stuck in the 1950’s then please see yourself out of the country or to one of those rural towns with a population of 1000 and the other 999 people are shitbags just like you who don’t accept people who are different. These are the people who make a big deal out of differences. My country is moving on without you. Moving forward, we live in a country where we’re not Black, gay, atheist, Mexican, conservative; we’re Americans FIRST. ALL OF US. 

Hillary had great ideas! She’s a hard worker and I love so much about her. Also, I hate some things about Trump. But we are where we are, this is an opportunity, not an obstacle.

This may be some radical thinking. Check this out, CHANGE IS HARD. It’s uncomfortable. We don’t even recognize what true change is or what it means. We are too comfortable in our lives of discomfort and division that our brains have adapted it as our way of life. Not your fault, society’s fault. We hardly think twice about an inner city murder or riot. But society is changing, for the better. Look on the news, it gets worse before it gets better, you’ve probably taken medicine that had the same effect. This is not the place for hatred anymore, and Kanye has given us our medicine, he said what many others have wanted to say. Let’s move on. It will get better! 

What you believe, that’s your opinion. Express your opinion, bro!  


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