We Are The Same, Hypocritical Country

Jon Stewart has kept a low profile, but he’s back with an interesting take that we all need to hear. Jon Stewart, the liberal douchebag, right? Some of you may look at him that way. However even the most conservative reader will watch the clip above and admit that the guy makes some great points. 

A Trump-led country is the same Obama-led country. We are the still the same people and if you voted out of love, or if you voted out of hate, you are the same loving or hate-filled person now as you were 2 weeks ago, and as you were 8 years ago.

Divisive issues haunt our nation, they always have. Stewart makes the point, this change we want ain’t easy. There will still be issues after Trump’s term in office and there would have been too if Hillary won. We have a long way to go.

As in any presidency, some will benefit more than others. Some voted for the benefits they hope to receive and that Trump has promised: tighter border security, better trade deals, more jobs, tax benefits, etc. Really, both choices were pretty shitty, so how can we blame someone for picking their poison. 

What do we want? I want a unified country that embraces cultural differences and doesn’t make issues out of them. We’re composed of so many different people, and people who are different sometimes don’t get along. This has been evident throughout global history and especially our national history. Stewart said it best, with the protests and riots going on in the name of justice and equality, we are fighting for a country that doesn’t exist yet. 





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