How Dare You Have Hope

Think of a word that describes politics for the last 8 years. Here’s one, divisive. One nation divided between two titles, democrat and republican.  And the division carries on.

Why can’t we come together behind commonalities? We have way more in common than we realize. What will it take to get people to work together? Climate change? A global thereat? Nope. National security? Not happening. Broken healthcare system? Sigh.

Democrats have a heightened apathy toward Republicans because of their failure to cooperate with Obama on implementing his policies, most likely because they just don’t like him. Politicians behaving a lot like kids, reminds me of today’s politics. Democrats, you’re no better.

Just say it, President Trump. Not the end of the world. Not the worst thing to happen. I understand the fear here, at least right now.

It’s not him, it’s the individuals that now feel empowered to put to action the hate they feel toward people. So Trump, you know this is happening, you’re already elected, discourage your supporters from being destructive!
Destructive. Who’s destructive? Yes, Trump supporters have taken hateful actions toward groups they unjustifiably dislike. Clinton supporters say they’re the victims. So what do they do? Go out and be destructive? Turn on the news and that’s exactly what you’ll see. When has fighting fire with fire worked? I’m not saying the protesters are being sore losers. It’s true Clinton won the popular vote by a mile, and it would seem like whoever gets the most votes gets the win. Weird system we have here.

You probably saw this. Recently many individuals and celebrities, President Obama and Oprah included, have spoken toward hope in a Trump presidency. Good, hope and optimism are what we all need more of. They, and many more who have done the same, regardless of who they wanted to win, got criticized and ridiculed immensely for voicing their support in our next president, for being patriotic toward a country that everyone knows is in bad shape right now. Hope and optimism are exactly what we need!

FullSizeRender - Copy.jpgfullsizerender-1

I just hope we don’t have the same divisive politics that we have had since I began following politics. I’ve said this too, many agreed with me. If there was a candidate that could better work with the opposite party, it was Trump over Clinton. He’s a great negotiator, right? He supposedly makes the best deals, right? Let’s put that to the test. I have hope, because at this point, what’s the other option?



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