The Power Of The MAGA Mindset Will Work For You

This wasn’t supposed to happen. How the hell did this happen? How in the world did a pompous ass reality TV star get elected to the highest office in our country? How? Why? All the signs pointed to a President Hillary Clinton, a woman who has dedicated her life to politics and being a public servant. Her only last obstacle was a widely hated man with no political experience. How can someone beat such tremendous odds?

This result was destined to happen. From the beginning, only few people were saying this was going to be the result. Not because it was their preference, but because they understand something deeper than politics. They understand mind power.

I look at the above picture of Donald Trump, our 45th president, about to give a speech at one of his many rallies. He’s deep into the campaign, its a showdown between friends-turned-enemies and she has the upper hand. What would you do in his situation? You have no experience and you have a lot to lose if you do not achieve the ultimate goal. You’ve dumped so much money into this thing, made so many enemies, and have millions of people counting on you. Is all that shit you were talking throughout the campaign and in your past going to come back to bite you? This would be the time in the campaign to panic. And you, me, and anyone probably would.

Look at Donald. You’ll notice his pose, his stance, his body language. He knows he’s about to unload a pile of shit to a crowd that has hope in his ability to win and become president. That pressure is insurmountable.What is he thinking? Put yourself in his position, you have the odds against you and half the country doesn’t support you, many absolutely hate you. Most people will do all they can to never feel this way ever in their lives.

Imagine now that you are in a championship game and at the line for a free throw shot or a penalty kick that could win you the gold. The pressure is heavy, many people counting on you. You might be a big time winner. You might be the reason the other team gets a trophy. What’s your mindset? Are you focusing on the fear or excitement? The possibility of winning or the fear of losing? Whatever it is, it just won you or cost you the game. 

He tried to tell us. He warned us. He’s a winner. It sounded crazy, stupid, whatever, but he makes things happen that he wants to make happen.He’s done it all throughout his life, and he said it with absolute certainty. It’s all a matter of mindset.

Your mind and body are connected in more ways than you know. You’ve heard that even a fake smile can improve your mood. That’s because our minds react to our body’s actions regardless of if they’re sincere or not. Fake a laugh, your brain secretes happy hormones. Hunch over when you walk, your brain secretes sad hormones. As Trump walks out to a sea of people chanting his name, about to attempt to win back the thousands of voters he lost during his campaign antics, how could he not be scared out of his mind? But does he let that take control? Hell no, this is the MAGA mindset at work. He puts his fists up, closes his eyes, and repeats “win, win, win” or some positive mantra to himself. His mind and body are in sync. He is all set to go out there and fucking nail it.

MANTRAS! Think back to the many times Donald would be up on stage and say something like, “I Donald J. Trump, will be the greatest jobs president ever.” Or, “I am the best at ___.” “No one knows more about _____ than I do.” Maybe you think that’s a load of arrogant bullshit. It’s not about fact, remember. It’s about mindset. He’s making you believe this, while reinforcing the idea to himself as well. Trump had the whole country listening to him recite and (for some) believe his mantras. Naturally we want the best of everything. If we hear that someone or something is the best, we’re subconsciously drawn to it, even if your logical brain is saying that everything coming out of Trump’s mouth is false. You and I are not logical, remember? Did you know that? Maybe not. Guess who does know that. Our next president.

“We are not logical. We are not designed to make sense or reason, we are designed to survive.” – very smart guy, Scott Adams

Also, one of the smart guys who talks extensively about the MAGA Mindset is Mike Cernovich. Cool dude, check him on iTunes Podcasts, Twitter, and get his books on Amazon.


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