Complain And You Shall Receive?

Wow. Many things are eye opening right now. Many people, me and maybe you included, have noted how our country hasn’t made much real change since it’s inception. We have the illusion of equality and progression, but the same problems persist, just in new forms.

WE. The young people in this country, WE are the real change-makers. WE have the advantage. WE will bring REAL progress to the country. We see and observe the national problems we face, country wide and in our daily lives. WE’re fired up. We want change, we can bring change, and we will. This is the problem however: we expect change to come overnight. We are passionate about solving problems, but in this fast paced world, we expect things too soon.

Remember what old man Sanders told us. Even Donald Trump mentions this often. The system is broken. It’s corrupt. It was built that way. We need to change it. Here’s the thing: everyone agrees that this is the case, but no one takes steps to fix it. Why? Because no one will work together.

Again, no one will work with each other. We’re too caught up in our differences to realize that we are all in this together. You’ve seen how difficult it has been for President Obama to get anything significant passed in office. Obamacare? Not great. The intentions behind it? Angelic. Thank you Obama. I wish you could’ve gotten bipartisan collaboration, then your healthcare plan would’ve been exponentially better. Republicans would rather watch you crash and burn than set aside their differences and help the citizens of this country that they swore to protect. Shame, really. A damn shame.

Are we any better? Would you, maybe a Hillary supporter, be open to working with one of Trump’s proposals? Would any of you Trump supporters be willing to work with a policy initiated by a democrat?

This will make you optimistic for our future. We, young America, are more in touch with each other than any young generation before us. We peacefully coexist with one another in ways that make older conservatives shake their head. Good! Because they were brought up to shun anyone who wasn’t like them, but WE coexist. That should give you hope moving forward. Our differences are not an issue anymore, instead they are being celebrated and embraced. We’re a culture of cultures. That’s awesome. Never forget that. We’re going to need that mindset when we become the leaders.

Fixing a system on which our nation was founded and that has been in effect for centuries will not happen in a year, or a presidential term, in a decade, maybe not in our lives. But we have brought to light the first step, admitting we have a serious problem. The current workforce generation is not going to do anything to promote a fully inclusive and wholly beneficial system. It’s too late for them and any hope I have for our nation’s problems to be fixed lies in my own hands, and those of my peers. It’s really up to us.

Protests, riots, it’s  all coming from the right place (typically.) Youth is involved and we see the corruption for what it is. I’m pissed, and to a certain extent, you’ll admit you are too. However, let’s realize that the change will not come when we want it. It will come when we work hard for it. Truth be told, we have it pretty great. Compared to other countries, we live in heaven already. This does not mean that our problems don’t matter, but during your next protest water break, try to remember that we have more to love than hate. Don’t forget to save some time to be thankful for what you have, before you lose your voice yelling at someone or something you hate.

Do yourself a quick favor and get a little perspective. Checkout this clip from “Dragnet” that deals with youth rebellion. Share your thoughts below, provide your expert input on this subject. Join the conversation.


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