Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Trump

President Trump. Based on the way the nation is going, does this really surprise you? It shouldn’t. You’ve had some time to absorb the fact he is our next Commander. Lots of you are cool with that, you can’t really say anyone is ecstatic, but some are downright scared for their lives.

The mood of the country is negative and fear based. People are happy and content within their cultural community, but overall, every group probably hates another group. We’re mad and you may not even know who you’re mad at. We’re just angry. And Donald is angry. Funny to think that Hillary could’ve just been too happy in a country where that is not the overall tone. Sucks for her I guess. Remember this important fact, people make decisions based on their emotions and fears, not their brains.

If there was one candidate to better reach across the aisle and work with the opposite party, it’s him over her. Republicans hate Hillary too much and Trump is “the best at negotiating deals” so let’s let him prove it.

This is a code RED. This is not a drill. Everyone freak out, protest, and flee to Canada IMMEDIATELY!!! RUN, NOW, BEFORE DONALD GETS YOU!!!

Or, stay put and let America be the great but far from perfect nation it is. Donald can’t single handedly ruin us. We have too many experts and officials to prevent a total meltdown, at least more so than what we’re already going through. 8 years ago, many people, maybe you or someone you know, was in total freak out mode when Obama was elected. Here we are, 2 terms later, and look, we still exist! And a lot of good has been done! Hooray!

We all get it, you don’t like the furry haired guy. You’re not alone. However, I will tell you that if you are one of the thousands of people on team Fuck Trump, you must realize a lot of your hate is based on his recent media portrayal. This was largely due to dirty tactics common in politics. Imaging and framing is everything. Donald had horrible framing done by Clinton and many took that as 100% fact. Exactly what Hillary wanted you to do.

We did not just elect a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, hate promoting lunatic. He’s a great businessman, but America is much more than a business, but he has generals and professional correspondents to help with the rest. One thing’s for sure, he’s about to work harder than he ever has in his life. Like he said, “this political stuff was tough.” Buckle down buddy, its about to get a hell of a lot tougher.

So who should we be afraid of?

The main source of fear propaganda was Trump’s supporters. He was supported by more hate groups than you can name. You’ve seen the footage of his violent rallies. Hillary associated violence with Trump, but really it’s his supporters. Any person filled with hate is someone you must do all you can to avoid unless to attempt to heal, and absolutely never provoke. Hillary had some hate filled supporters too. You see, it’s all imaging and association. Neither candidate was actually a bad person.

Ok, you’re right. He has said some extreme statements on many occasions. He does not comply with rules or the status quo. He’s different, so you condemn because you don’t understand. He has said hurtful things about women, men, minorities, all races. He has said positive and uplifting things about all these people as well. He may be the most fair person in politics. Really. Call this a bullshit point if you want, but even his insults are fair to all communities.

You won’t believe me because you are hypnotized by the framing of the corrupt media. What homophobe employs and reaches out to the gay community? He said his experience at a gay wedding was “beautiful.” What racist would even fake a smile toward a Black man? Haven’t you seen the picture of him giving the thumbs up with rapper Tyler The Creator? Of course you saw when he recently said he likes Jay Z (right before criticizing his language in an appearance with Hillary.) He’s got to be a tough guy because it’s his image. This means saying negative, often hurtful things a lot but he says them about absolutely every group of people. Is it right? No. is it fair? Actually, it is.

Remember, this man is a liberal at heart. He figured he’d have a better chance running as a republican which is totally true, and it worked. I know you’ll say he has conservative views about abortion, women’s rights, immigration, military, and other things. True, very true and many of you are as frustrated with his views on important matters as I am with his denial of climate change. A hoax infiltrated by the Chinese? Bitch what the fuck!?!?!

Overall, I want everyone to realize that we elected a man who is plenty of capable of keeping us above water as a nation. I’m not worried, I’m excited. He makes things happen that he says he wants to make happen. We’ve never had a president like Trump. So, let’s see what the man can do.

(Header Photo: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charlotte-laws/donald-trump-unwanted-kiss_b_12773662.html)

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