You’re An Ant From The Trump Tower Window

You’re gazing out at Midtown Manhattan from the Penthouse of Trump Tower, hundreds of feet in the New York sky. Typical day for Donald Trump. See all those people walking down Fifth Avenue? They look like little bitty ants, don’t they?

Throughout history, and in our innate psychological logic, elevation has symbolized status. The higher you are, the more powerful you are. Also, the less you resonate with the people below you, because you’re not one of them anymore. Or, in Don’s case, you never were. This should be what scares you.

Now, you’re strutting through the park and look down and see an ant in the dirt. Do you think too much about it? Nah, you may accidentally even squash it or drown it with a spill from your drink. Will it affect you? Not likely.

Donald Trump looks out of his window everyday and sees you walking to work, sightseeing, finding your way around Manhattan, and does he think twice about you? No. Because from 600′ up, we are all ants.

Take this into account, I am being literal and metaphorical. Status wise, Donald is way way way above the vast majority of the people he wants to represent. It’s one thing to be at the bottom and work your way up, at least you have a sense of being the ant. Has Don ever been the ant? Never.



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