If You Want To Win, You Gotta Go Viral

Imagine a vast global gathering of people of all ages, cultures, races, and backgrounds. Anyone can come and go as they please. Everyone is admitted. You can be whoever you want to be and people will get behind you if they agree with what you believe. What kinds of ideas are discussed here? How could we ever discover such a place?

If you’re like everyone else, you realize this global gathering is in fact, the internet. More specifically, social media. We want to be in the social Mecca of the world, so we make a twitter account and talk shit. Or make a YouTube account and talk shit. Or join an online forum and talk about life changing ideas and solutions to common and unique problems individuals from all over the world encounter… and also talk shit. The key here is that whatever we’re saying, we’re all in one place together, often talking about the same dumb shit to distract us from real life. We’ve all been there and it’s a typical way of life. We love dumb viral shit.

Dance moves, funny local news clips, skateboarding dogs, and other dumb shit is circulated around all the time. You know this. And so does Donald Trump.

Debates are won in the first 20 minutes. We are quick to judge, and whichever candidates impresses us first, we declare the winner. The internet is so quick with trending topics, hashtags, and memes that candidates need to win you over fast.

We make stupid things and stupid people famous in the country. Anyone could go outside in a Dora the Explorer costume and do jumping jacks on the roof of a Burger King and we’d all know about it in an hour thanks to instant sharing. It could even spark a new craze, and you would be brushing off the old Halloween costume and hitting the nearest fast food joint to get your jacks jumping. Donald knows if he says something funny, or at least something not typical, it will be all over the internet.

Bigly, big league, yuuuugeeee, two Corinthians, fantastic, the best, win win win, Jyna (China), bad hombres, hand gestures, and of course everyone’s favorite, YA FIYAAADDDD! We all love it. We quote it, tweet it, post it, and by doing so, we’re absorbing The Donald’s message because his voice is constantly in our ear and in our heads. No accident folks, the man is well thought out.

Our political world is soundbites, meaningless speculation, and short clips that get over analyzed and blown out of proportion. The funny stuff is what we like, and Trump gives us so much. Vote for him tomorrow, or not. Love him or hate him. You must admit you love his character. We’re all at least a little thankful for Donny, he’s given us some great laughs and great quotables.




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