Comedians For Trump 2020

Democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, whatever you identify as, we can all agree, this election is sure to leave a bad taste in America’s mouth. We can cry about our despair or we can laugh about it. Let’s explore the latter, shall we?

There is a lot of humor this election cycle, both intended and unintended. We all know this has been a goldmine for comedians everywhere. Some comedians used their platform to push their political preferences or try to take down their unfavored candidate. This recently got funny girl Amy Schumer in trouble due to her outspoken criticism of Trump. Some are bipartisan in their political satire. Hollywood tends to lean to the left, so Republican Donny got the majority of the jokes at his expense. Regardless of the reasoning behind comedians’ jokes, one thing is for sure, they had a hell of a lot of material to work with.

What are the late night monologues going to be about now? What was there to talk about before the election? This is a pre-2016 election/ post-2016 election time period shift. Take a second folks. Step back, breathe, take in this moment. A lot is about to change. Let’s all share a laugh, check out the video compilation, friends.

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