Many People Said You Should Read This

If many people say it it must be true. Many people said you should share all my posts and many people are saying you should send me $100. Believe me? Probably not. Saying many people say something without any proof or evidence is not a valid testimony. Someone in particular uses this logic in attempts to say whatever he wants and get phony validation for it. What’s his name again? It rhymes with Colossal Fuck.

Confirming your statements by saying many people say it is actually a quick and easy tactic to make any statement or story more believable. We have a basic fundamental psychological need to fit in, and when we see easy entry into a group, we take it. We want to be with the majority, not an outsider. We want to be with “many people” so believing what “many people” believe puts us with them.

Donald has a love for the phrase, and this un-quantifiable group he is using to back up his statements cannot be proven or disproven. This is par for Donald’s course (of which he has many all around the world and the golfing is fantastic, believe me, many people say so.) He is not a numbers or facts or reasoning or logic or evidence kind of guy. “There is something going on behind the scenes, believe me, many people have told me.” Like what, Don? Where’s the proof? Oh yeah that’s right, making sense is so 2014.

Another life tip from the Trumpster. Be vague and no one can ever pin anything on you or make you show proof. So say whatever the fuck you want! Many many people are saying it’s ok.



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