Hillary, The Political Machine

Robots are taking over the Earth! One in particular is trying to run the country.

One of the main traits that rubs people the wrong way with Hillary Clinton is how robotic she is. She is so “by the book” and rehearsed it comes off as insincere. One thing people, especially young people, hate, is fake people. Clint-bot is the typical politician. She is so scripted, actors preparing to play politicians look to her for guidance. It feels like she’s playing a character herself. Add a sketchy past to that (emails/ Benghazi/ paid speeches/ possibly paying protesters/ yattey yattey yah) and we don’t know who Hillary Clinton really is, do we?

Clinton is super politically correct. Compare this to the two crazy old dudes she is/ was running against. Bernie hates politicians, he’s mad at a bunch of adults, just like young people. Donald says wild shit, just like young people. Relatable.

Clearly, HC doesn’t know how not to be a politician. This would make a great president then right? *Trump voice* WROOONNGGG. Politicians are known to be dirty, slimy snakes and in many ways she fits the description, while trying to come off as hip and cool. Old people on snapchat, quoting Beyoncé, and dancing in a pantsuit doesn’t appeal to us. So stop.

Violent Hillary? We’ve seen evidence that suggests Clinton pays supporters to be violent toward Trump supporters. What? The sweet old lady in the 1.5 inch heels? No way.

We know that Trump supporters are the more intense group, but we don’t typically see Trump supporters attacking Clinton supporters (physically) unless provoked. Clever framing trick by team “Her.” Leave a shark alone and he’ll swim in peace among his fellow sharks. Throw some bait in the water and they’ll attack it mercilessly, making them look like scary monsters. Trump and his supporters took the bait, and gave Clinton golden footage to air in her attack ads. But she’s the peaceful candidate, right?

We all know likability is not always easy. Mrs. Clinton constantly makes a mistake we all make from time to time. She’s trying to get everyone to like her. By doing this, she has failed miserably to make clear who the real Hillary is. We don’t know! When we’re honest with and to ourselves and those around us, we’re going to piss some people off. We’re going to make enemies. Not everyone will like us. And that’s ok! That’s great! Fuck them, right? No one can please everyone, and when you try to, you just confuse people: saying you’re in touch with the poor when you’re rich, you’re down with the urban culture while at the same time trying to appeal to country rednecks, claiming the fact you’re a woman makes you a “political outsider” yet dedicating your life to politics, pushing peace and coexistence while paying people to spark violence.

Brutal honesty is a tough road to navigate. Yes, you will have opposing views to many people, but your supporters will love you exponentially more if they know exactly what there getting out of you and can trust you. I may anger some Clinton supporters by writing this, but this is how I feel and what is true (at least to me.) Really, the dedicated support will outweigh the opposition that doesn’t agree with you. Bernie was brutally honest and wasn’t trying to appeal to anyone, he just stayed true to himself and people loved and respected that. He was real, he told it how it was, and people flocked to him despite his lack of any star power. Trump is true to himself, and many people hate him, but a lot are willing to fight for what and who they believe in. Will Hillary supporters fight for her like Trump’s supporters? Not so much. Unless she pays them.

Its easy to give your input, just comment, like, and share. Prove me wrong if you disagree or tell me why you agree.


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