I’m Random Citizen And I Approve This Message

If you have publicly supported a candidate in this election, you’ve probably lost friends, been shunned by family members, and received nasty looks from strangers. This is a heated election, filled with hate, frustration, secrets, lies, scandals, and Tic Tacs. Nobody is happy.

No one is saying that these two deranged senior citizens are anybody’s idea of a perfect candidate. If you are, you’re kidding yourself. Most of us either vote based on what party we always align with or which candidate we hate less. No one really knows what they’re going to get out of either candidate. Nobody fully trusts either one.

Some of us publicly support a particular candidate. We erect yard signs, stick bumper stickers on our cars, wear political shirts, post on social media, all for what purpose? To sway our friends and family? It is true that the more you see a candidate or hear their name, the more likely you are to remember and pick them in the polls, but everybody in the freaking galaxy already knows way too much about both candidates, so what good is your public support doing besides making people automatically hate you?

If you live in a town that’s not fully liberal or conservative, and you display your support for Trump, then part of the town hates you without even knowing your name. All because of association. Clinton supporters/ Trump opposers see you and think you support name calling and pussy grabbing. When really, you’re just a businessman who hates illegal immigration and Don has made that his big issue. No one can blame you for that.

If you’re a die hard Trump supporter and you see someone with an “I’m With Her” bumper sticker on their fuel efficient car, there’s not a chance you’re letting them merge in the bumper to bumper traffic stretching a dozen miles down the road. This is because you look at them as someone who supports a woman you find corrupt and dishonest, making you feel like the driver too is corrupt and dishonest. Guilt by association.

People are getting assaulted for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in some cities. Houses with Clinton signs are getting vandalized. The animosity in this election is unreal, it seems like it’s best to stay out of the drama, keep your views to yourself, vote for whoever you think will fuck us over less, and pray to your god that we all make it through this.

What public support do you show for a particular candidate? Have you faced criticism for doing so? Share your experience.

(Header Image: http://www.wnyc.org/story/30-issues-candidates-plans-future-race-and-policing/)


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