Kid With Depression

Let’s explore a part of the entertainment industry that often goes overlooked and undervalued; REAL LIFE SHIT.

One of the realist, most down to earth members of today’s pop culture community is everybody’s favorite, Drake. He’s been on top of the world for years and shows no signs of stopping. Usually he deals with realities of love, romance, heartbreak, loyalty, but his new release has people buzzing for another real life situation; depression.

Super cool music genius, Kid Cudi, does not hide his battles with drug and alcohol abuse due to his ongoing depression. This led him to say some unflattering things about Drake, claiming he has multiple aids to write music for him, prompting Drake to hit back by downplaying Cudi’s depression as a “phase” of someone who is just angry and famous. Damn. When will people learn that you can’t win a fight with Drake!

Were Drake’s comments justified? Many who understand the suffering that comes from clinical depression didn’t take kindly to his remarks. Kid Cudi has a disorder, that should be off limits as far as rap beefs go. Or as far as any beef goes. It’s like Michael Jordan dunking all over some shit talking kid at the rec center who got cut from his high school team for being too short. Yeah he can shut him up real quick with one dunk (or in Drake’s case, one song) but that doesn’t mean he should. Some things people can’t help. Realize that hurtful words are more times just cries for help or attention. I thought Drake would’ve realized this. We’ve all  subtweeted some shit about someone just to make ourselves feel better. It works, though only temporarily. I see Kid Cudi sitting alone looking at all the ass kissery that some cocky guys receive, wondering why he doesn’t receive the same accolades. That probably gets frustrating! Add depression on top of that, and of course he’s going to blow up.

People claim Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter, who knows if that was what he was really doing, but that got him a looottttt of disapproval and lost him significant support, could the same happen to Drake? People are already tweeting about how they lost respect for Drake due to this incident, could this be a major speed bump on his seemingly endless road to stardom? Both Trump and Drake are perpetual winners who suffer from another influenza we covered in a previous post called CWS (constant winning syndrome). Do they have an obligation to hit back at critics in order to preserve their winning, tough guy persona? Are our egos so big that we need to get defensive toward comments that even people with mental disorders say?

Cudi can’t help his depression, he spoke (tweeted) about Drake from a cold heart which is not reminiscent of true thoughts, but true feelings instead. He was mad and upset so he said something negative, everyone has been there. Understandably, Drake was hurt and quickly fired back. But let’s pause for a second, if a mentally ill person, let’s say a schizophrenic, attacks you because they have a disorder they can’t help, should you attack back? No. The only course of action is to back them off, encourage them to get help, and distance yourself from that person. 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Drake, put your ego aside and encourage your friend to recover, don’t add fuel to his internal fire, help him put it out. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Who was in the right, who was in the wrong in the Drake/ Kid Cudi feud? Did Kid Cudi deserve Drake’s backlash? How would you have dealt with negative comments made by someone with a mental illness? Let’s talk about it.

Depression is a major issue especially among young adults in this country. Share any info, story, encouragement you have that could help someone in need. Comment here or anywhere in the world. Thank you.


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