Panic! At The Polls (Living With CWS)

We don’t win anymore. We’re gonna win. We are going to win. We’re gonna win win win. We’re gonna get tired of winning we’re going to win so much. I’m a WINNER, we will WIN.

Sign me up!

Who doesn’t love to win? Some of us are regular winners, some not so much. It is an actual mindset to be a winner. Some people are naturally winners. These people typically have more of the qualities that make one able to win; confidence, high self esteem, lack of fear, risk taker, focus, athletic ability, or maybe just good luck. Really, we do win, everyday in big ways and small ways.  Everyone is a winner.

At first, like most people and definitely any 21 year old male, the threat of CWS (constant winning syndrome) was enticing as hell. Then I realized that anyone who would support someone’s promise to make them a winner, was probably…sort of…maybe…a loser? At least that’s what Trump must take you for.

In his book, which I actually enjoyed, “The Art of the Deal” Trump says he “plays to people’s emotions” with hyperbole and playful, lofty language. Clear usage with the “win win win” comments. What he didn’t say much of was, how. How was he going to make us win? Negotiate good deals? Ok, but I’m not going to buy a magic potion that claims it will do whatever I want just by “working it’s magic” I need more than that.

Here we are, late October, Election Day practically within spitting distance. Turn on any news station and they will tell you Ms. HRC has the edge. Wait, I thought Trump suffered from CWS. How is he not winning? Trump never loses, he’s told us that. Although everyone who plays the game of life will lose from time to time, the ones who are perpetual winners have one thing in common; a loss is never their fault. There was some force outside of their control that resulted in an L instead of a W. They missed a baseball catch, the sun was in their eyes. Stepped out of bounds, they were “pushed.” Missed a jump shot, the wind blew it off course. Lost an election, it was rigged.

Trump has the uncanny ability to pull of an enormous amount of wins in his personal and professional life. His name is everywhere, he’s filthy rich, and checkout the old man’s beautiful supermodel wife. Mindset guru Mike Cernovich credits Trump’s “Maga Mindset” (MAGA = Make America Great Again) for the constant wins. The trick to always winning is to 1) blame losses on external forces and 2) capitalize off of losses to the point of winning even bigger.

Bankruptcy is something no one ever wants to declare, let alone multiple bankruptcies. Or so it would seem. We all know Trump has capitalized off of his many bankruptcy declarations. He told CNN “Don’t forget, I’m the king of debt, I love debt.” Woah, if only everyone in debt could look at it as a win. Behind Donny, they did. They felt like winners, they actually needed some wins in their lives and Prez Trump promised them that. Was it an honest promise? Depends on how you look at it. If you take a loss and flip it into a win, you come out a winner every time. Donald Trump ladies and gentlemen.

As far as the election, if he loses, what’s the gain? A lot. A lot more than that. And way more than that. Every soul in America and most around the world know the Trump name, even more so than before, which is astronomical. He can do whatever he wants. He has a dedicated fan base and staff that are willing to fight and bleed in defense of NSFW remarks. Politicians are on his side and he came this far in a race to hold the highest office in the greatest country ever ever ever. In closing, yes, maybe Trump does suffer from a severe case of CWS. Maybe this whole thing was a win/ win all along: either 1) become president or 2) flex his winning muscles on the global stage and use it to boost his brand. One thing is for sure, Trump TV will be a huge hit.

Do you suffer from CWS? What are your thoughts on Trump’s future? Do you agree/ disagree with me? Let us know. Comment, share, add to the conversation.

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