Do You Fear A Trump Future?

Funny guy Keegan-Michael Key unloaded some serious facts during this interview snippet with Larry King.

Topics covered: The “browning” of America, media corruption, how only extreme stories make the news, current perceptions of race, and if Donald Trump’s image is accurate (it’s not).

Browning of America?

Yes, how mixed babies are popping up everywhere. Everybody’s fucking everybody, leading to some interesting breeds. Pretty soon we are all going to be beige with curly hair.

What do we mean by saying Trump’s image is not accurate?

As we have stated, the media is full of shit. They make money off of deceit and stories of extreme tragedy. No one wants to hear about how Donald is (probably) a decent guy to be around on a personal level. This is something I believe, and he definitely has a bad personal reputation. However, his brand and his “character” he plays *THE DONALD* in public are full of controversy and exuberance. This is all the media shows, so when he tries to convince us that he actually loves and respects people, we don’t believe it. This is the danger of failing to separate your public persona with your personal self.

Watch the video and share your thoughts




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