Work With The Universe by Applying Self Help Tips

Congratulations, you just finished a book you found in the self help section of a bookstore or a highly rated “positive mindset” book from Amazon. You probably learned tips on the power of positive thinking, being likable, social skills, setting and reaching goals, and living a better, more successful life. Cool. Now what?

I’ve read many of these books, and some have given me instant life changing information, some took a little longer to process, and a few were practically impractical. You can sit at home and write “new BMW new BMW new BMW new BMW” all you want, but somewhere out in the world, your new BMW awaits you, now go get it.

These books are great, and the first step to achieving goals is taking steps toward success, so buying and finishing a self help book is a great start. But how do we apply this knowledge? Anyone can tell you anything and you might believe it, but what’s more important, is you must understand it. Understand how and why it works.

We all set goals, and setting a goal is the first step to achieving the goal. But to really get the wheel spinning, you have to make the decision. “I have a goal of owning a new BMW” isn’t as effective as deciding, “I’m going to own a new BMW, and I’ll do whatever it takes to do so.” Reaching goals requires action. The universe is working with you not for you, you have to give it something to work with. Go out, talk to people, tell them what you want, take chances, try new things. Allow the universe to give you what you ask for, what you think about, and what gives you the best feelings. Because your new BMW isn’t just going to drive itself into your living room.

People and experiences are some of the best ways to allow the universe to give you what you want. The universe is not a physical presence, it works through people and experiences in order to serve you. You tell a stranger you like his BMW, he tells you his friend is a salesman and is giving a great rate, you check it out, decide you can actually afford it, and boom, you put the top back and speed off the lot to your next dream acquisition. Even better, and much more preferable, you tell some friends and family members you want something and they get it for you. This is the universal law of ask and receive. It works through people and experiences, so meet as many people and have as many experiences as you can.

Applying other useful self help information can be done in many ways. The best way, trial and error. However, sucking at something is the first step to succeess at something. To begin, take that piece of awesome info you learned and apply it to a memory or common situation you often find yourself in. You learned how to be more persuasive? Great, think back to your last argument and think about how you could’ve used your new tips to help be more convincing and win the argument. You watched a YouTube video on how to be more likable and you’re ready to have people flock to you by the dozen? Awesome, think of a situation you are always in, maybe walking to work or being another dull person at a party. How can you apply this new info to the situation? Imagine it, imagine how others will react, feel comfortable with it and you will get a better grasp of it. The only way to create progress is to DO IT. Something small everyday, do it. Try it. You’ll fail, you’ll fail, and you’ll fail again, but the only real failure is giving up. So keep at it, because you have the information, now use it.

This is a major topic, we all want to learn and success tips to our lives. What are your favorites? What has been the biggest help to you? Not all books, videos, and self help info is useful to everyone, the best way to figure it all out is to try. What has worked for you?

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