Worth The Risk Of Death

Smoking kills. Dot eat that you’ll die. Don’t climb Everest you could fall. Why would I go on a safari, a lion could eat me. I would never skydive, it’s too dangerous.

I am sure you have heard and said many versions of the previous phrases. We are not natural risk takers. Some, more than others. Some of us are daredevils, some are calculated risk takers, some of us are straight up wussies. This prevents us from doing so much. Life has so much to offer and many of us are wasting it away out of fear.

Fear is all in our imagination, and we control what we imagine, so shouldn’t we imagine everything will turn out perfect? Easier said than done. Our brains adapt to what we consider normal, so if you consider riding a scooter without elbow pads to be a life risker, and you tell your brain you want to go deep sea diving, it’s going to project images of you getting attacked by a shark into your imagination. This is where you take charge of your imagination. Focus on pretty coral reefs, cute little fishies, and other aquatic life, and this won’t seem as daunting. You have power over your imagination, not your stupid overprotective brain.

Public speaking is the number one fear to most people, above death itself. However when we give presentations or give speeches and totally nail it, there’s no better feeling. I love public speaking and every time I walk off to a huge round of applause and great crowd reactions, it’s like the best drug ever. Many people say this about activities they love, that may be perceived as risky to others. I had a friend that loved rock climbing. Not your everyday rock climbing, legit 200 foot high wall rock climbing that most people would be too scared to even think about doing. This was her drug, she loved getting to the top of a mountain and earning a kick ass view. She would always say how this is what kept her feeling alive, despite the risk. The reward was much more than the view, it was the sensation of living 100 percent, looking death in the face and passing it right on by. She went out one night unsupervised, got to the top of a wall, slipped, and fell to her death. What she loved and what kept her alive actually killed her. This took a while for me to understand, but now I consider her one of the luckiest people ever. She could’ve gotten to the top of the mountain, ate a poisonous berry and suffered an agonizing death or been bitten by the abominable snowman and turned into a yeti. Or she could’ve gotten into a wreck on the way home, who knows. Anything can happen in any moment so she took control of the time she had. Her last breath was spent doing what gave her the best feeling in the world, full life, not many are lucky enough to say that.

As cliché as the phrase is, it is so true. You can start living or start dying. My friend lived. She didn’t seek death by climbing, she sought life. She lived a better, more compete life at 20 than most people ever do. Why? The fear of dying is something people can’t overcome because they don’t realize they are in control of their imagination. My friend took every necessary precaution and safety measure. This accident was not her fault, it was what was supposed to happen for her. It was how she was meant to go, and she was lucky enough to feel her best when it happened. I miss her, but she taught me something important that is a key component to happiness. Don’t miss out on life for the fear of dying. That’ll happen regardless. Don’t cower in fear at death, go live life.

Really, so many of us are bored. In general, bored with life. Let’s shake things up, going outside of our comfort zones doesn’t mean risking our lives, we do that everyday just by getting out of bed. It’s all relative, to some people walking across the street is a death defying action, but you do it everyday. Way to go bad ass. Whatever small teeny tiny step we can take to put a little more risk, a little more excitement, a little more LIFE into our lives, we must do it everyday.

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