Media Conspiracy

First rule of this world baby, don’t believe anything you hear on the news. Many of us hear quotes like this one from Kanye West and think, fuck that, we need the news! How else are we going to know what unarmed civilian got shot and about Zika and if vegetables are actually killing us all. And of course, we need to get our daily dose of depression by knowing what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have done next!

As an avid news media consumer, which we all should be, I have a love/ hate/ really hate relationship with the industry. All big industries are after one thing. Hint: it’s green and rhymes with funny. But this news is very opposite of funny. Media is a billion dollar industry. They have money on their minds, so the folks running the show don’t value information with fact based evidence that the public needs to know and can keep us safe. No, they have big money on the line and will sell any story with a catchy headline. Not to mention journalism is typically more of a liberal art, so they aren’t going to sell a story contrary to what they want you to think. Facts don’t matter, we can find any article on any subject, and find another article directly contradicting it. So what do we believe? Do we know anything?

Without knowing it we are media controlled puppets. But it’s not our fault, we only know what we’re told. If everybody is saying conflicting stories, who do we believe? I don’t know, and now I’m scared. Which is why I form my own opinions based on the small percentage of truth we do know. Don’t listen to people’s interpretations, make your own. All people have biases and will turn anything either candidate says into something that fits their personal views.

In political news, Trump has been yapping about how the media is against him and how it is the reason he will lose the election. Let’s break this down. First, yes the media tends to be more liberal. This is part of the problem because the industry is using its own bias to sway the public in one direction. Every industry does this, so Trump has a point. At the same time, he gives the media these big jaw dropping headline stories, of course they’re going to publish them. As an entertainer, there’s no bad publicity, so people love it when he crosses the line. They expect it, it’s his brand as a media mogul. This is a different party Donny. You screwed yourself, and you should’ve seen it coming the moment you came down the elevator. Stick to the reality shows.

Donny J knows how to control the media. This is how he has come as far as he has. He sells himself, his brand. People like it so the media pushes it in every direction to get clicks, shares, views, so they can charge more for advertising. Boom, media debunked. It’s all about personal agendas and advertising value. Therefore, they’ll tell you what they want you to believe and anything that gets big views is a green light.

Trump made a bold move jumping straight into the presidential pool. More like belly flopping. Maybe a run for mayor or something would’ve worked out better, if he really just wanted some political charge. I still feel his presidential run was more of a game than a real pursuit.

This election has come down to who can work the media better. The media has, does, and will deceive you! Some people find comfort in paying attention to one news station, because that station probably matches their personal views. But when Fox and MSNBC have two totally opposing views to the same information, that proves the only thing you should believe is what you deduce yourself.

What we perceive to be most important is not always what really is. We think what we focus on most is what’s most important. However we don’t choose what we focus on, the media does. When news outlets had 24/7 Zika coverage, everybody was worried they’d be the next victim, when there are much more pressing issues that should be getting our attention. We get bored with the same old news, so we need something fresh, something scary, something that we will throw our attention and money at to make it go away. News stations scare us purposely, just to keep our attention. As far as politics is involved, half the country hates who they’re voting for. There was no perfect candidate and with the way the world is now, we can dig up dirt and shoot down any candidate that doesn’t believe what we do. Do we just know too much about people these days? Maybe. Is the media a corrupt and dishonest industry? Yes. Have Trump & Clinton both given ample fuel to their media firestorms? Duh. Do they both have career ending secrets they are trying their best to hide? Most likely. Do we know anything for sure. Nope!

All of this is why I often utter the following statement: FUCK THE MEDIA

Thoughts? Share and let’s discuss.


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