Why I First Supported Donald Trump

I was talking to a friend about the episode of Jimmy Fallon we had both watched the night before. The guest, Donald Trump. This was his first appearance on The Tonight Show since announcing his candidacy. I was mentioning how funny and charismatic I thought Trump was. My friends thoughts, “He’s a child.”

A child. That got me thinking, children have the greatest imagination and ambition. To a child anything is possible. That may be a good trait in a president.

What attracted and opposed me from Trump:

  • The Wall:
    • Thinking of the Great Wall of China, something Trump often brought up when pitching his wall idea, it is a globally recognized landmark that people come from all over to see. It is a staple in China’s history as well as being a security measure to its borders. Wouldn’t this be cool in America? Especially to be built in our lifetime? Yeah, but he wanted to do it for the wrong reasons and soon died down his lofty talk about the wall and now, it was more of an idea all along than a real plan. And he himself said politicians are “all talk no action.”
  • The Dominance
    • Trump is super pro-America. Hell yeah. I was and still am all for that. And yes, we do have to get ourselves back on track before we can extend help to other countries. Americans may feel stiffed in the grand scheme of our government because we are looking elsewhere to give help, which is great, but you have to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Trump wants America to be the superpower that we should be. I loved how he wanted everyone already within our borders to get back on their feet and up and running, and making sure illegal immigration is stopped and dealt with. This should all be priority over letting others in, however they are always welcome, to be legal and productive citizens.
    • Trump’s vision of America and mine differ. I see strength in diversity and value the melting pot of cultures that exists in this country. He seemed to want a more singular culture, which has never been what made America special. We should encourage more immigration, it can only benefit us to have productive citizens from all around the world in this country. To accomplish this we need a better system so people can establish residency and get jobs legally, not necessarily a wall to keep them out.
  • He has “The best words”
    • Scott Adams calls Trump’s sharp and well directed language, “linguistic kill shots.” Sounds bad ass, and that shit was effective. Knocked out so many opponents and made his naysayers shut up quickly. I admired this. Maybe because I’m a 21 year old male, maybe because I like when people stand up for themselves. He knows how to work a crowd. Politics are boring, and he’s not a politician. He is fun, all around, just fun. We all like that. Give the man credit.
    • Then, Trump started saying too much dumb shit for me to continue supporting him. He could shoot somebody on 5th avenue, Mexicans are drug pedaling rapists, ban all Muslims, he knows more about military matters than the generals, I couldn’t get behind that shit. I see a more accepting and tolerant America in my future, Trump saw less diversity and more “fuck yeah ‘Merica”
    • He makes people laugh and says things people especially in politics “shouldn’t say” but after a while you start to realize that’s not a good thing.
  • Money Money Money….MMMMoonnaayyyyy
    • Again, 21 year old male. I like money.
    • However this is a president for everyone, how can someone who considers the short period of time before his major success to be a struggle, relate to people in poverty. I don’t believe he understands poverty because he’s never seen or even slightly experienced it.
  • Lofty Rhetoric
    • As president, people promise a long list of shit they promise to accomplish. How much of of it gets done?
    • Trump was promising a long list of huuggeeee plans for the country. If only a fraction of that stuff was actually accomplished, that’d still be a hell of a lot.
    • We soon realized that this was mainly a list of empty promises that, as he puts it, “appeals to our emotions.” Sounds like thats code for a pile of bullshit covered in gold.

Would Trump ruin our country, no. Should we all panic and move to Canada if he’s elected, no, but I wouldn’t mind living in Canada for a while regardless. He is different, he’s a winner, and he knows how to work people in a way that is rarely seen. I have learned a lot from Trump and am happy to know that a lot of people have been paying attention to the firestorm that we call America politics in the past years. Trump was exactly what we, young adults and first time voters, needed to spark our interest in politics. Because none throws a debate party to watch Jeb Bush.


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