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This is more than a blog, this is for me, you, and everyone else. I’m a millennial in America. A country that is in need of major improvement, now more than ever, or maybe as much as ever. That’s the problem, we haven’t made any societal progress in our nation’s history. Sure, slavery is abolished, women can vote, same sex couples can get married, we have immigrants from all over the map, we are a diverse nation, but at our nation’s core, are we where we should be? Not at all my fellow Americans.

We need to come together as a nation undivided. As a generation with massive expectation and responsibility, we need to exist cohesively because pretty soon, we will be running this bitch (America the beautiful).

We are becoming be the teachers, lawyers, police officers, judges, doctors, politicians, presidents, rule makers and law enforcers of this great country. Let’s talk. Here. Now. Let’s communicate.

Communication is shit in this country. There’s a wall between one race to another, civilians and enforcement, people and government, workers and supervisors, and many more situations where everybody fucking hates each other. Let’s end it. We’re all so much alike, let’s come together and discuss shit. Let’s have ideas. Let’s progress. Our nation is in our hands. Young people, this is our responsibility. Our time is coming. Let’s get ready to rumble.


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